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gtöWe are welcoming everyone interested in tropical ecology to become a member of the Society for Tropical Ecology. Join our scientific community to benefit from our networks, access and publish in our journal, apply for grants and save registration fees in our Annual Meetings and Events. We will support your career and strengthen your networking opportunities. You can also actively shape the society by contacting our scientific or executive boards, or by becoming a member of a board. 

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Valid from 19.01.2022

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Membership fees and donations are tax deductible. 

Join us by filling in your contact details using this pdf document, sign and send it to the treasurer via mail, or e-mail ( She will then confirm your membership. 

You can either directly transfer the annual fee to the society bank account. If you have a German bank account, you can sign the SEPA Direct Debiting form and send it to the treasurer.

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Why should I join?

- Reduced prices for participation in society conferences

- Receive annual newsletter and email updates on society activities

Certification of society membership and/or engagement for CV

- Opportunities for networking with researchers from different countries

- For student members - access to a student group, which will provide additional networking opportunities and mentoring events

- For student members - opportunity to apply for funding to support travel to society conferences and fieldwork

- Develop links with relevant initiatives and facilitate local to global collaborations

Experience working in an international society

- Opportunity to take over responsibilities (e.g. event organisation, social media, chairing)   

- Get involved in shaping the society by contacting our scientific or executive boards, or by becoming a member of a board

- Be part of a friendly, open-minded, and welcoming society!