Directorate of the gtö

The members of the gtö elect the directorate of our society at the annual meetings, in a two years turnus. For further details, see our: Satzung of the gtö.

Executive board members

Manfred Niekisch


Zoologischer Garten Frankfurt
Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1
60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
fon: +49-(0)69-21233727
fax: +49-(0)69-21237855
manfred.niekisch (at)
Nina Farwig

Secretary General

Conservation Ecology
University of Marburg
Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 8
D-35032 Marburg
farwig (at)
I am a conservation ecologist interested in functional biodiversity research who seeks to better understand the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the face of human activities.
Pierre-Michel Forget

1. Vice-president

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
1 avenue du petit château
91800 Brunoy

pierre-michel.forget (at)……

I am a tropical forest ecologist studying the animal-plant relationships, mostly fruit-eating vertebrates and seed dispersal, interested in the conservation and the sustainable use of non-timber forest products, and trying to educate stakeholders and people to minimize the  impact of anthropogenic activities on tropical biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Holger Kurz


Büro für biologische Bestandsaufnahmen
Moorkamp 10
D-20357 Hamburg
Germanygtoe (at)

Pia Parolin

2. Vice-president

INRA, Univ. Nice Sophia Antipolis
CNRS, UMR 1355-7254
Institut Sophia Agrobiotech
06900 Sophia Antipolis

pia.parolin (at)

I am a tropical ecologist interested in wetlands and floodplain ecology and conservation, seeking to enhance conservation efforts in tropical countries and improve networking between European tropical ecologists.

Scientific board members

Marco Tschapka

Editor of Ecotropica

Department of Experimental Ecology (Bio 3)
University of Ulm
Albert-Einstein Allee 11
D 89069 Ulm

ecotropica (at)

Chris J. Kettle

Member of scientific advisory board

ETH Zurich
CHN G75.1
Universitaetstrasse 16
8092 Zurich

chris.kettle (at)

I am a Tropical Forest Ecologist and conservation geneticist with a primary focus on plant reproductive ecology. I  aim to advance our understanding of how habitat degradation, especially fragmentation, impacts on plant biodiversity.

Simone Pfeiffer

Member of scientific advisory board

Georg-August-University Göttingen
Centre of Biodiversity and sustainable Land Use
Büsgenweg 1
37077 Göttingen

spfeiff (at)……

I am a scientific coordinator of interdisciplinary research and teaching projects in the Tropics and Subtropics with focus on biodiversity assessment and resource management.

Jürgen Homeier

Member of scientific advisory board

Georg-August-University Göttingen – Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research
Untere Karspüle 2
37073 Göttingen

jhomeie (at)……

I am a plant ecologist, interested in the composition of tropical plants and the ecosystem functions of tropical forests along environmental gradients and under global change impacts.

Raffael Ernst

Member of scientific advisory board

Museum of Zoology
Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden
Königsbrücker Landstr. 159
D-01109 Dresden

raffael.ernst (at)…

I am animal ecologist and herpetologist interested in how phylogeny and ecology drive patterns of functional diversity in biological communities

Alice C. Hughes

Member of scientific advisory board

Centre for Integrative Conservation
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Menglun, Mengla
Yunnan 666303
P.R. China

ach_biodiversity (at)

I am a conservation biogeographer looking at patterns of diversity and drivers of biodiversity change across Southeast Asia.

Ingo Grass

Member of scientific advisory board

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Department of Crop Sciences – Agroecology

ingo.grass (at)…

I am a community ecologist interested in land-use impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services in tropical landscapes.

Patrick A. Jansen

Member of scientific advisory board

Department of Environmental Sciences
Wageningen University
PO Box 47
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

patrick.jansen (at)……

I am a community ecologist studying interactions between wildlife and plants, such as seed dispersal and herbivory, in the tropics as well as the temperate zone. Much of my work involves the use of camera traps to record animal presence, abundance and behaviour.

Bettina Engelbrecht

Member of scientific advisory board

Department of Plant Ecology
University of Bayreuth
Universitaetsstrasse 30
95440 Bayreuth

bettina.engelbrecht (at)…

I am a tropical plant ecologist interested in the factors shaping tropical tree diversity under current and future climate, with a focus on direct and indirect effects of drought. To that end, I am explicitly linking plant physiological and functional ecology with population and community ecology.

Eike Lena Neuschulz

Member of scientific advisory board

Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Reserach Centre
Senckenberganlage 25
60325 Frankfurt am Main

elneuschulz (at)

I am interested in species communities and their ecosystem functions and services. In particular, I study ecosystem functions provided by birds across elevational gradients in temperate and tropical mountain regions.

Sven Günter

Member of scientific advisory board

Head of Dept., Forestry Worldwide
Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics
Leuschnerstr. 91
21031 Hamburg, Germany

sven.guenter (at)

I am a forester, contributing to science-based solutions for sustainable policies in the field of multipurpose forestry, ecosystem services and livelihoods in tropical forest landscapes. My major motivation for participation in the advisory board of the Society for Tropical Ecology is helping to bridge the gap between solid ecological research and sustainable management of forest ecosystems and livelihoods of forest dependent people in the tropics.

K. Eduard Linsenmair

Member of scientific advisory board

Vojtech Novotny

Member of scientific advisory board

Biology Centre
Czech Academy of Science
Branisovska 31
37005 Ceske Budejovice
Czech Republic

novotny (at)…

I am a tropical ecologist interested in the ecology of plant-insects food webs in tropical forests and conservation of tropical biodiversity.


Ute Radespiel

Member of scientific advisory board

Institute of Zoology
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
Bünteweg 17
30559 Hannover

ute.radespiel (at)……

I am a behavioural ecologist and aim to understand the factors, that drive and influence the evolution of social structures, the demography, ecological niche construction, distribution, connectivity and the long-term survival of lemur populations on various spatial scales.

Eckhard W. Heymann

Member of scientific advisory board

Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology Unit
Deutsches Primatenzentrum
Leibniz-Institut für Primatenforschung
Kellnerweg 4
37077 Göttingen, Germany

eheyman (at)…

I am a primatologist and behavioural ecologist, particularly interested in primate ecology and animal-plant interactions, and run a field research site in Peruvian Amazonia.