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Dr. Marco Tschapka
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University of Ulm
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Ecotropical Monographs: Volume 20 (2014)



© The German Society for Tropical Ecology

VOLUME 20, 2014, No. 1-2

  • Effects of topography on forest butterfly assemblages in the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica. Hellena Binz, Christian H. Schulze & Karl Eduard Linsenmair
  • Phylogenetic and floristic changes over 48 years in a tropical rainforest remnant in Xishuangbanna, SW China. Liu Yingying & Hua Zhu
  • Várzea forest vs. Terra firme forest floristics and physical structure in the Ecuadorean Amazon. Randall W. Myster 35
  • The Cafotrop method: an improved rope-climbing method for access and movement in the canopy to study biodiversity, L. Picart, P.-M. Forget, C. A. D’Haese, C. Daugeron, S. Beni, R. Bounzel,

    E. Kergresse, F. Legendre, J. Murienne, & E. Guilbert. Supplementary Information: Figure-S1-S6.pdf

  • Fruit characteristics associated with fruit preferences in frugivorous bats and saddle-back tamarins in Perú. Simon P. Ripperger, Eckhard W. Heymann, Marco Tschapka & Elisabeth K. V. Kalko

  • Frugivory by phyllostomid bats in a montane Atlantic forest, southeastern Minas Gerais, Brazil. Rodrigo de Macêdo Mello, Pedro Henrique Nobre, Marco Antônio Manhães &

    Luciana Carvalho Pereira

  • Dispersal of palm seeds (Bactris glaucescens Drude) by the fish Piaractus mesopotamicus in the Brazilian Pantanal. Valdete Ferreira Sório, Geraldo Alves Damasceno–Junior & Pia Parolin



  • Rediscovery of the rare Tacarcunan Bat Lasiurus castaneus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Costa Rica. David Villalobos-Chaves & Carl. W. Dick. Supplementary Information (pdf, 5.5 Mb).



  • Recorriendo el paisaje vegetal de Venezuela. Medina, E., Huber, O., Nassar, J.M. & P Navarro (eds.)
  • Amazon Forest & Savanna Lands: A guide to the climates, vegetation, landscapes and soils of central tropical South America. Cochrane, T.T. & T.A. Cochrane
  • Merian Awards 2014