... is a biannual refereed journal covering all aspects of tropical ecology. Papers reflect results of original research (major papers, short communications) or review important fields in tropical ecology. We offer free full-text pdf-download of papers from backissues older than three years.

Current issue: ECOTROPICA 2013 1-2

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... is a now discontinued series of works too long to be considered for publication in ECOTROPICA (>100 pages) or for a number of papers focussing on a specific topic or site. We are currently evaluating alternatives. Persons interested in publishing a set of thematically related papers or longer monographs are kindly asked to contact the ECOTROPICA Editor Marco Tschapka prior to sending any manuscripts. As with ECOTROPICA acceptance of individual manuscripts as a whole is based on scientific merit. All manuscripts undergo external peer review.

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All persons interested to publish in ECOTROPICAL MONOGRAPHS are kindly asked to contact the Editor Marco Tschapka prior to sending any manuscripts.


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